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  National Tsing Hua University's Center for General Education(CGE, NTHU)traces its origins to the Common Courses program, which before 1980 was no more than a group of loosely organized academic seminars. In 1985, the Common Courses became an administrative unit on equal standing with academic departments; and after nearly a decade of development, its educational mission gradually expanded to include various areas of the university's general education curriculum. Subsequently, in 1989, the University renamed it "Center for General Education", and it became an administrative unit charged with planning and implementing the general education curriculum. This restructuring was the first of its type in Taiwan. Today, the University's Center for General Education has been in existence for more than twenty years.

  To further advance the University's general education program, the Center enacted a core curriculum in general education in 2001, marking the first time such a reform had been undertaken in Taiwan. After four years (2002 to 2005) of planning and one year of experimental implementation, the intermediate objective of establishing a seven-dimension core curriculum was completed. In 2006, this curriculum was formally instituted, and a number of tertiary educational institutions followed the University's lead, making the program one of the most emulated approaches to general education curriculum in higher education in Taiwan.

  The full-time faculty of the Center have long served as advocates for, and consultants to, general education, exploring the issues of how to best realize the general principles of education which reflect the goals of the University. Through continual effort and innovation, the Center for General Education has over time established itself as a trail blazing leader among general education programs in higher education in Taiwan.


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