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The six-dimension core curriculum program
  There are three principles underlying the planning of NTHU's general education core curriculum program: (1) basic knowledge of each domain and modes of thought; (2) integration of cross-disciplinary knowledge; (3) issue-base or theme-driven orientation. The far-reaching significance of the core curriculum of general education depends on its concentration on the most important concepts, providing further guidance in adapting to and systematizing the elective portion of the general education program. The core curriculum of general education encompasses seven dimensions: (1) ways of thinking, (2) exploration of life, (3) art appreciation, (4) social and cultural dynamics, (5) science, technology and society (STS), (6) historical analysis. four of these can be freely chosen, and for each such chosen dimension, a student must take at least one course. The courses currently offered in the seven dimensions are as shown below:



<1> Ways of Thinking

Critical Thinking; Values and Practice; Central Problems in Philosophy; Mathematical and Scientific Thinking; Knowledge and Reality; Contemporary Scientific Civilization

<2> Exploration of Life Contemporary Biology and Your Life; Eco-system and Global Changes; Psychology and Modern Life; Ecology and Life
<3> Art and Literature Contemporary Visual Culture; Art and Society; Understanding Art; Classics literature
<4> Social and Cultural Dynamics

Civil Society and Constitutional Democracy; Social and Cultural Analysis; Principles of Economics; Culture and Economy; Modern State and Society

<5> Science, Technology, and Society(STS) Introduction to the History of Pre-Modern Science; The Scientific Revolution; Science, Technology and Society; Frontiers of Science and Technology; Technology, Society and History
<6> Historical Analysis Historical Thinking; World History; Chinese History; Taiwan History


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