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Guidelines for electives in advanced/multi-area coursework in the general education program

  The advanced / multi-area courses are divided into three major areas—humanities (arts; philosophy and religious studies; cultural and historical studies); social sciences (law and politics; sociology, psychology, anthropology, education, and gender studies; management, informatics, and economics); and natural sciences (basic science; applied science; science, technology, and society). Collectively, these courses make professional knowledge accessible, and are designed to incorporate basic skills for modern life. In order to broaden the scope of students’ areas of knowledge, as well as to achieve a balance between the humanities and science and engineering, the general education program suggests that students in science and engineering take at least two credits in social sciences and humanities in general education coursework, while students in humanities and social sciences, and in business administration, should take at least two credits, respectively, in general education natural science courses.

Table Required general education coursework for students in various Colleges and Departments
Students from\ Course Domain Natural Sciences Social Sciences Humanities
No more than two credits for courses in the Studio Art
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature or Department of Chinese Literature At least 2 credits At least 2 credits -
College of Technology Management At least 2 credits - At least 2 credits
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences At least 2 credits - -
College of Science, Engineering, Nuclear Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - At least 2 credits At least 2 credits
  The Center hopes to build on its current foundations, nurturing a distinctive culture that harmonizes humanities and science and engineering in teaching and research, upholding the NTHU’s innovative academic spirit, while moving to develop unique strengths and competitiveness to meet the challenges of globalization.

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