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Course enrollment system and course content

  National Tsing Hua University's seven-dimension core curriculum of general education was formally instituted in 2006, and the new course enrollment system was put into use in the 2006 academic year. Its main accomplishment was to divide the 20 common curriculum course credits into (1) 10 to 12 credits in the core curriculum of general education (four of which are freely chosen, with the student taking at least one course for each dimension selected), and (2) 8 to 10 credits in electives of advanced/multi-area general education. This core curriculum program of general education, illustrated in the diagram below, has become a model for universities in Taiwan:

Core GE courses

1. Ways of Thinking
2. Exploration of Life
3. Art and Literature
4. Social and Cultural Dynamics
5. Science, Technology & Society
6. Historical Analysis

10-12 credits
Elective/Advanced GE courses

1. Natural Sciences
(1)Basic Science (2)Applied Science (3) Science, Technology &Society

2. Social Sciences
(1)Law & Politics (2)Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Education, Gender Studies (3)Management, Informatics, Economics

3. Humanities
(1)Art(general/studio) (2)Philosophy, Religious Studies (3)Humane Studies, Historical Studies

8-10 credits

  Currently, the Center offers at least 120+ to 180+ general education courses. As a proportion of student coursework, the program can be rated as the broadest and most faithful to the principles of general education in Taiwan's higher education.


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