Full-time prof.  Part-time prof.  Staff

Name Position Courses
Chuan, Jen-Chung Professor Mathematics Appreciation
Li, Wen-Cheng Professor The Interrelation between Religion and Politics in East Asia
Li, Hua-Hsia  Professor Economic Relation of the Taiwan Strait Topics in Cross-strait Economic Relationship
Chiu, Chi-Liang Professor The Design and Practice of Sundials
Chang, Hsiang Professor Acupuncture and Modern Sciences
Chinese Herbology and Modern Sciences & Technologies
Chen, Chu-Hsiang Professor Smart Engineering & Modern Science Engineering
Biomimetics and Modern Science and Engineering
Liu, Huan-Yun Professor Confucian Thoughts and Modern Life
The Constitutionalism and Democracy
An Introduction of Taiwan Hakka Culture
Lai, Cheng-Ceung Professor Having Fun with Economic History
Having Fun with History of Economic Thought
Yan, Zhen-Sheng Professor American Politics
Current Events & English Communication
Li, Tsung-Chin Associate Professor Love and Marriage in Classical Chinese Literature
Topics on Women in Chinese Classical Literature and Art
Yao, Chia-Wen Associate Professor Introduction to Intellectual Property
Chang, Wei-Chi Associate Professor Food:From Earth to Table
Peng, Wen-Chi Associate Professor Appreciation of Music、Opera Appreciation
Peng, Hui-Luan Associate Professor Political Analysis of High-tech Industry
Zhong, Zhi-Ming Associate Professor Introduction to the European Union

Jian, Shang-Ren

Associate Professor The Development Process of Taiwanese Songs
Taiwanese Folk Songs and Culture
Yang, Mei-Li Associate Professor of Specialist

History of Chinese Crafts and Decorative Arts

Pai, Pei-Lin Assistant Professor Science in Daily Life
Chu, Chen-Yi Assistant Professor Exercise and Health
Lu, Wan-Ming Assistant Professor Study Buddhist Sutra -- Prajna Series
Li, cheng-Lung Assistant Professor Forensic Science and Crime Prevention
Crime Investigation Technology
Chiu, Yung-Chung Assistant Professor The Art of Medias
Chiu, Hsien-Yi Assistant Professor Critical Thinking
Hong, Guo-Xiang Assistant Professor History of Western Music
Tang, Tang-Fa Assistant Professor Element of Art、Oil Painting
Hsu, Ming-Chien Assistant Professor The Development of the Cross-Strait Relations and Policy
Chang, Mei-Ling Assistant Professor Visual Culture
Chang, chi-Hsin Assistant Professor Foreign Relations of Republic of China, 1912-now
Hsu, Ya-Hui Assistant Professor Art and Society
Kuo, Chia-Chen Assistant Professor Technology and Digital Cultural Creativity
Chen, Tung-Ho Assistant Professor Science、Archaeology and History of Art
Chen, Hsiao-Yu Assistant Professor The Intersection of Philosophy and Science Fiction
Lu, Pin-Fei Assistant Professor Gender Thinking
Chiao, Yuan-Ling Assistant Professor Socialization to College Life
Cooking Matters: Sociology of Food and Cooking
Yip, Bak-Sau Assistant Professor Introduction to Neuroscience
Yeh, Lee-Hwa Assistant Professor Introduction of Physics from the point of view of Classical-to-Modern Transition
Chao, Hui-Hsuan Assistant Professor Introduction to World Musics
Micah.t.Ross Assistant Professor The Scientific Revolution
Luo, Yan-Jie Assistant Professor News Reporting
Su, Zhuo-Xin Assistant Professor European Government and Politics
Wang, Hsuan-Li Instructor World Religions、Chinese Religions
Wu, Chien-Fu Instructor Clay Work
Wu ,Ya-Hui Instructor Interpersonal Relationship & Communication
Li, Ya-Hui Instructor Interpersonal Relationship & Communication
Li, Tsui-Hua Instructor Self Exploration and Family of Origin
Lin, Hsin-Chih Instructor Chinese Music Introduction
Chinese Instrumental Music Appreciation
Lin, Hsiao-Hsin Instructor International Relation Development in Post-WWII East Asia
Einsteinian Revolution
Lin, Fu-Shan
Instructor Print Making、Art Project
Lin, I-Chun Instructor Music Performance and Practical Training
Write Some Notes for Music
Hung, Shu-Fang Instructor Marketing Management
Human Resource Management-- fundamentals and Practice
Kao, Kuang-Te Instructor TV Media management
The dialogue between modern media and classical novel
Chang, Chun-Huang Instructor Daiqi Children's Literature
Taiwanese / Daiqi . Cinema and Literature

Lien, Cheng-Hung website

Instructor Design Drawing、Painting Creation
Kuo, Meng-Kuan Instructor Art and Esthetics Study
Appreciation of Art Performing
Chen, Chien-Hui Instructor Media and Society、Media and Writing
Chen, Po-Wei Instructor The Making of Popular Music in Taiwan Social Movement
Chen, Hui-Ling Instructor Self Exploration and Growth
Tseng, Hsing-Yi Instructor Television Production
Yu, Hui-Chen Instructor Appreciation of Fiction Cinema
Non-Feature Film Appreciation
Jin, Bang-Zhong Instructor The Theory and Practice of Consumer Protection Law
Kuai, Liang Instructor Introduction to Mass Communication
Introduction to Journalism
Cultural Industries : Creative Prospect
Jiang, Jing-Yi Instructor News Media Programming
Zheng, Yang-Yi Instructor Non-government Organization Internships
Social study-Discussion on Aboriginal Situation in Modern Society
Lai, Xiao-Chiu Instructor Organizing Art Exhibitions :Theory and Practices
Public Art
Xie, Hui-Xin Instructor Care Development and Planning
Jian, Li-Yi Instructor Media Effects and Social Problems
Gu, Jin-Hui Instructor Self Exploration and Family of Origin
Lu, Wan-Ming Instructor of Specialist Clay Work
Li, Ju-Ying Instructor of Specialist Traditional Chinese Medicine in Modern Life
Lin, Po-Jui Instructor of Specialist Sculpture、Introduction to Sculpture
Cai, Xing-Fen Instructor of Specialist Volunteer Medical Service
Xiao, Ju-Zhen Instructor of Specialist Film Art
Introduction of documentary


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