History  Mission  Development Directions

  In addition to recruiting more faculty for the core curriculum program of general education, the Center will continue to devote its efforts to reforming and refining the general education curriculum during the academic year, with an operational focus on the following:

  ‧Through the implementation of the regulation “On the Essential Elements of the General Education Curriculum in the Field of Natural Sciences to be Taught in the Colleges of the National Tsing Hua University”, more professors from departments of natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering, will be encouraged to open general education courses in the respective disciplines for the students with the background in social sciences and humanities and to prepare teaching materials for these courses.

  ‧The center will promote courses with an emphasis on action-oriented learning and/or problem solving, cultivating a variety of skills which students will require as they confront an era in which both global competition and cooperation are vital. The Center for General Education is utilizing the expertise of full-time faculty to develop programs in artistic creativity and psychological counseling with the aim of offering general education with a more professional orientation.

  ‧The center will promote broadly-conceived general education by using a rich variety of activities, such as the Tsing Hua Residential College, the Arts Studio, campus arts and culture lecture series, and the international volunteer program, to attract a larger number of faulty members to participate in the effort to expand students horizons and to encourage their personal growth.

  ‧The center will coordinate with the University System of Taiwan(UST)to promote inter-institutional distance learning initiatives in general education and in academic life.

  ‧General education courses in English will be designed and implemented in order to satisfy the educational needs of international students.


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